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Treat your Mum this Mother’s day

Treat your Mum this Mother’s day – let her put her feet up and relax with some calming gifts that promote calm.

Springtime Sales – time for a bedding refresh

Time for a Spring Clean? Refresh your bedding with some new pillows in the Spring sales.

Love Sleep? The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Bed!

Treating your partner to an indulgent bedtime gift could be the most thoughtful Valentine’s day present ever. We’ve found our favourite luxury eye masks, silk pillows, sumptuous duvets, good sleep pillow sprays and more to help you choose.

The Winter Sales Are Here! With Lots of Bedding Bargains..

It’s a great time to buy some new bedding with sales across most UK Online Stores.

Black Friday Sales – The Best Pillow Deals

We’ve complied this year’s best Black Friday Offers on pillows and bedding.  Go straight to our list of Black Friday offers below. We’re all a bit more cash-strapped at the moment, so it’s encouraging to see UK retailers offering some excellent discounts on our favourite pillows.

Best Student Bedding Buys

Moving away from home? Whether it be boarding school, Uni or buying your first home, take a look at some of the best bedding buys!

World Sleep Day focuses on ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’ March 19, 2021

World Sleep Day 2021 focuses on the importance of regular sleep for a healthy future.

Sleep Well This Christmas With The Best Bedtime Gifts

Some of the best Christmas present ideas for bedtime this year. From silk pillowcases, to night lights and calming scents, we have a pulled together the must have’s for 2021.

Winter Bedding for Kids

It’s been pretty chilly lately and as we struggle to keep the house warm, many of us are looking for cosy, new winter bedding.  There are so many different options with pillows and duvets made of various different materials. So how do we chose the best […]

Pillows and Coronavirus: how to keep bedding clean

Pillows & duvets of patients with Covid-19 are likely to be highly infectious. How can we best protect against spreading the virus in our homes and family?

Looking for Good Sleep Advice?

It’s been over a decade since we launched Pillow Advisor and over this time we have developed a sound knowledge of the benefits a good pillow can offer in ensuring a great night’s sleep. In the last couple years there have been many new retailers offering […]

Time for a change? Why not try recycled pillows

Spring is a popular time to change your bedding, throwing out the old and bringing freshness into your bedroom. Why not consider an eco-friendly option? We have done our research and found some great quality pillows, duvets and bedding made from recycled materials. There are many […]

Hot in bed? The 5 best summer duvets tested.

EXPERTS IN NOT ONLY PILLOWS, WE’VE TESTED THE BEST DUVETS TO KEEP YOU COOL DURING THE HOT WEATHER. From 3 tog duvets (about as low as you can go without it actually being a sheet), to a space-age technology heat-regulating duvet, natural temperature-adjusting wool duvets, supersoft […]

World Sleep Day –  Practising Better Sleep Hygiene

World Sleep Day on March 13th aims to improve sleep. This year’s slogan is “Better Sleep, Better life, Better planet”. We look at how we can all sleep better.

Valentine’s Day offer – 50% off partner ‘hot&not’ bedding

The best valentine’s gift offer for duvets is ‘hot&not’ partner duvet by Nanu Sleep. No, not a pillow, but clever bedding with different warmth levels & togs.

It’s Nearly Christmas! Beautiful bedding gift ideas

Looking for gift inspiration this Christmas?  From cozy bedding to calming scents, here are some gorgeous pressie ideas that everyone will appreciate.

Black Friday Deals – Grab A Bargain!

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.    Great pillow deals are already available and here are some of the best so far.  […]

Mid Season Sales are now on!

Time to grab a bedding bargain!  Many online retailers are in the midst of a mid season sale, so its a great time to get a pillow deal.  Here are some of the best we have found.

Pillows and Allergies – Sleep in Hayfever Season

The sudden arrival of warm sunshine is like a release from lockdown for nature.  Grass, flowers and trees have suddenly gone into turbo-charged overdrive and it won’t be long before those ‘Medium’ pollen levels are uncomfortably ‘High’.  If you’ve suffered from summer allergies, like our household […]

Cooler pillows for warmer nights

The fabulous warm sunshine this Easter weekend has made our little team at Pillow Advisor think about summer bedding. Glorious as the weather is, if you’re suddenly feeling hot in bed I’ve put our advice here on the best pillow to help you get a cooler […]

Coping with an hour’s less sleep – clocks go forward this weekend

How can we cope best with sleep deprivation this spring?    None of us want to get less sleep, but this weekend on Sunday 31st March, we’re all going to be a little more sleep deprived.  And losing an hour’s sleep is not the best start […]

Sleep for people sorted – now onto dog beds!

You might have guessed by now, but the PillowAdvisor team are seriously obsessed with sleep.   Not content with two sites getting people’s sleep solutions sorted – Duvet Advisor and Pillow Advisor – now we’ve decided to spread our expertise to man’s best friend.   Dogs.   And our […]

Boxing Day / New Year Sales – The best pillows reduced to half price

OOPS, YOU’VE COME THROUGH TO AN OLD POST – FOR THIS YEAR’S WINTER SALES PLEASE CLICK HERE.   Boxing Day Sales have arrived and stores are offering some of the duvets we’ve reviewed at significantly reduced prices. The three best sales on duvets and bedding we’ve […]

IT’S CHRISTMAS !!!!!! Christmas Sleep Time Gift Ideas

NEED SOME HELP WITH CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THIS YEAR?   We share our best Christmas sleep time gift ideas. What do you buy your child’s teacher or Mum? Something for the man who has everything?  Presents to pamper your pooch? We have searched the stores and come up […]

The Best Cyber Monday pillow deals !!

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.      Are you looking to bag a pillow bargain?  Now is the time to pick […]

Goodbye sweaty pillows – give your bedding an autumn-clean

The hottest summer on record has left most of our beds a little less than fresh.  Yes, of course, I do wash my sheets and covers, but how best to clean pillows and duvets themselves?  Read our tips on washable pillows and freshening your bedroom.   To […]

The Best Bank Holiday Pillow Bargain!

Our vote goes to… The White Goose Feather and Down Pillow on sale at £12 from The White Company Superb quality and finish meets fantastic filling value.  It’s a soft feather and down pillow with The White Company’s anti-allergy treatment.  We tested, reviewed it and for £12 in […]

The Best Camping Pillows – Our advice on sleeping under canvas

OUR ADVICE ON THE BEST CAMPING PILLOWS. Camping can be uncomfortable. Spending the night under canvas and surrounded by nature may sound idyllic, but the reality is often quite different.  Regardless, we love it but anyone who has ever camped knows that equipment is key. Pillows […]

The White Company Summer Sale – 30% off gorgeous bedding

It’s not often we’ll post about a particular retailer – but The White Company’s summer sale is a corker.  There is a lot of gorgeous bedding on discounted right now. They’ve got 4 of our all-time favourite pillows between 20% – 30% off at the moment […]

Need a new Duvet? Take a look at DuvetAdvisor.co.uk

Yes, it’s here!  We listened to your questions and have finally got our sister site ‘Duvet Advisor‘ together.   Thanks to all our reviewers for their time and snooze-tests. With 10 years of reviewing and advising on pillows under our belt, we thought it was finally time […]

Royal Pillow Secrets – where to rest one’s tired head

With Markle-mania taking hold of the country, I thought it only fitting to post about the royals’ pillows this morning.  Although I’m not privy to the secrets of the royal bedchamber,  I’d like to think that after the wedding Harry and Meghan will rest their heads […]

Happy World Sleep Day – 16th March 2018

TODAY IS THE 11TH INTERNATIONAL WORLD SLEEP DAY  –  YOUR SLEEP PHOTOS WANTED!   With more than 70 countries around the world participating in ‘sleep activities’, the hosts, The World Sleep Society, aim to raise awareness and help solve common sleep problems. Well – this is obviously […]

Why a silk pillow is the best Valentine’s gift

WHY A SILK PILLOW IS THE BEST VALENTINE’S GIFT EVER If you’re looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for your partner, give them a present to keep that they’ll love.  The best silk pillows are presents to appreciate – they’re not only a kind and romantic […]


I SPY A PILLOW BARGAIN        Clearance deals in February? We’ve had a search for you and spotted some brilliant clearance deals still available. If you haven’t bought your pillow yet, read on… Debenhams  are offering up to 70% off a remarkably decent range […]

January Sales – the Best Pillow Bargains

OOPS, YOU’VE COME THROUGH TO AN OLD POST – FOR THIS YEAR’S WINTER SALES PLEASE CLICK HERE. JANUARY SALES – the Best Pillow Bargains we’ve found. Where do we start? There are a ton of great cheap pillow deals out there this month. We’ve put together […]

The White Company Luxury Bedding at 30,000 Feet

Sleeping on a plane is rarely an enjoyable experience. Airlines have long been looking for ways to make night flights a bit more comfortable for their passengers, particularly those lucky enough to be situated at the front of the plane. British Airways was the first airline […]

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! Bedtime Gift Ideas to Bring Comfort and Joy

It’s the time of year when presents can bring that little bit of joy – especially after the couple of years we’ve had, any comfort is much appreciated!  We’ve taken a look at some of the most welcome gifts this Christmas to lay your head on […]

Missed Black Friday? Today’s Cyber Monday!

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.    Well I’m writing this at 8pm on Sunday night, so it’s not strictly Cyber Monday […]

The Best Black Friday Pillow Deals

  Whoops!  You’ve come through to an old ‘Black Friday’ post.  For the latest best pillow deals and discounts go to our current Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales post.    NEW OFFERS on Friday 24th click this article   –      Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…?  […]

The Baby Pillow That Creates Clean Air

An innovative dad has come up with an ingenious pillow solution to protect babies from the toxic fumes that come with modern, city living. Yosi Romano was taking his two year old daughter for a stroll down the Finchley Road in North London when he realised […]

Chemicals in Pillows?

Which pillows have the least chemicals?  An email from one of our readers brought up an interesting question. How much do you know about the material your pillows are made from?   Synthetic pillows (that is hollowfibre, microfibre or polyurethane or memory foam pillows) are all made […]


MOONA – THE £300 ‘SLEEP SYSTEM’ WHICH PROMISES A PERFECT NIGHT. How much would you pay for the perfect night’s sleep? How does £300 sound? Recently in the news has been Moona, a smart sleep system that promises to help you snooze like you’ve never snoozed […]

Can I Bring You The Pillow Menu, Sir?

CAN I BRING YOU THE PILLOW MENU, SIR? I’d like to take my pillow with me everywhere. On holiday, on planes, on business trips. Why should I settle for something harder or softer or bouncier or squidgier? Imagine… You’re on a 12 week cruise. The pillow in your […]

Sleep tighter: Zeeq smart pillow plays music, tracks slumber and stops snoring for top kipping

SLEEP TIGHTER: ZEEQ Smart Tech Pillow    We’re still trying to find a reputable retailer for this pillow in the UK. Watch this space!  – Sept. 2017 This is an extraordinary new type of pillow for 21st century tech (or sleep) addicts.  Indeed, it’s for anyone […]

How to wash your pillows – Wikihow tells you how!

HOW TO WASH YOUR PILLOWS Replace or wash? Just keep your bed hygienic. This article shows you a step by step guide with pictures to washing all types of pillows including new memory foam ones.   www.wikihow.com/Wash-Pillows.    They also add the following tips: Tips Check your […]

Mermaid pillows an internet sensation

So, not exactly a pillow but if you haven’t already seen this then go take a look at the £100 ‘Mermaid pillow’ – a sequinned cushion which changes colour when you brush it. I’m not sure it would be very comfortable to sleep on but it […]

Nadines Coyle's perfect pillow

The latest celebrity must-have items: Shoes, Handbags and Pillows??

My pillow pets (mypillowpets.com)

I know of someone (about 4 years old) who would love one of these for Christmas, so I will try and source some from the UK.  If anyone comes across a UK distributor, then let me know.  And as soon as I can find one, I […]

How to choose the best pillow for you

How to choose the right pillow for you – a handy step by step guide

The art of the random pillow fight

The art of the random pillow fight. Don’t try this at home (or if you do, at least send us a video)

Pillow remote control

I want a pillow that can also control my TV, really.

How to test if your pillow needs replacing

An old pillow can make you tired, cause neck pain and contribute to allergy symptoms. Here’s how to easily test your old pillows and see if they need replacing.

Can an iPhone help you sleep?

Can my iPhone help me sleep. A new sleeping app promises better sleep…

Snoring problems and simple checklist of solutions

This post examines the cause of snoring and gives a simple checklist of solutions to try.

Pillow Sales, bargains and Special Offers

A quick summary of some of the best sales pillow bargains in Tesco, John Lewis, The White Company and more.

Pillow comparison chart

Don’t know which pillow is for you? Then take a look at our handy pillow comparison chart.

Wayne Rooney's special pillow

Find out which pillow Wayne Rooney takes on England’s trip to South Africa.

The most comfortable pillows in the UK

We’ve compiled the results of hundreds of pillow reviews to find the best types. And the winner is…

Katy Perry loves to steal pillows from hotel rooms

Katy Perry recently admitted that she can’t resist taking pillows from the places she stays all over the world