About buckwheat pillows

Fairly unknown in the UK but very popular in Asia and gaining fans in the US, Buckwheat pillows are filled with Buckwheat husks. Oddly, Buckwheat isn’t actually wheat at all but a fruit, the husk of which us considered as more valuable than the kernel. The main characteristics of a Buckwheat pillow are similar to microbead pillows in that they are very conforming, moldable and supportive. It’s possible to shape the pillow or even add / remove husks to fit your pillow height requirements.

The good news is, that compared with evil plastic microbeads, buckwheat is the much more environmentally friendly pillow filling.  Grown sustainably and naturally biodegradable, buckwheat is one of the best possible materials to use for pillows – making it the eco-friendly pillow of choice.

These pillows are recommended for people who need extra support, who are looking for neck, back and shoulder pain relief or suffer from sleep apnea.

  • Pros: Supporting, moldable and will fit the countours of your body, height is adjustable, durable natural materials, airy
  • Cons: Quite heavy and a bit noisy as the husks will rustle as you move, can be more expensive (but not by much), can be too firm for some people and will take some adjusting to get the correct height

Pillow Advisor summary: Worth trying if you are after something supportive which can help with pain relief.  Or if you want to try an environmentally friendly pillow filling.  It is a little different though, so you’ll get more noise and movement than with conventional fillings.

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