Simba Hybrid® Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

A remarkable pillow - space age technology, extra comfy and adjustable to the perfect height.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

This pillow has got our team talking more than any pillow we have reviewed before, it really is quite unique.  The Simba pillow has an innovative design which allows you to add or take away part of the filling (mixed shaped nanotubes) to get the right height and firmness for you. Plus, it has a layer of ‘finest down’ to cushion the foam tubes.  This is the bit you feel and in our opinion makes it really quite extraordinary – a down pillow with the support of memory foam plus innovative ‘cooling’ technology used by NASA.  Good grief – seriously impressive! 

Our pillow arrived fully stuffed which felt high but offered a medium to firm support.   As I’m not so keen on a high pillow, there was a bit of playing around with the filling needed (bits of foam all over the place!) before I could go to sleep but when I sussed out my optimum height, it was so comfortable!  Any excess ‘stuffing’ was popped in to the handy mesh bag that arrived with the pillow and stored away. The nanotubes are made of visco foam that remind me of a softer version of the polystyrene tubes you use for postal packaging – sounds a bit strange but it works!  Another key benefit of this pillow is its temperature regulating properties, no more sweaty nights.  The hundreds of nanotubes combined with the mesh like side panel on the outer cover, offer great air circulation and breathability aiding temperature regulation and allowing you to stay cool at night.  

The outer cotton cover of the pillow is soft, cosy and feels like a small duvet. It is so thick it could almost be used as a flatter pillow itself, if you removed the bag of nanotubes.  It is well made, with evenly filled down filled pockets.  The down is ethically sourced as well – Simba really has thought of everything!.    The cover is machine washable and is so easy to unzip for washing or if you need to take out some nanotubes.  

Simba have clearly spent a lot on pillow research as they’ve added the feature of OUTLAST.  This technology was developed for NASA and takes temperature control to another level, ensuring you are never too hot or cold.  

This really is quite different to any other pillows I have tried but I love it!   A friend who has suffered with neck pain has also told me that she has slept much better recently with this pillow as she has been able to find the right support for her back and neck. The only thing I found strange, is that the outer cover is so big, even a full inner bag of nanotubes doesn’t fill it.  It does mean it won’t squeeze in to a standard pillowcase but given that the cover is machine washable, you could just use it as it comes or invest in a larger pillow case if you prefer your bedding to match.  I also understand that Simba can send extra nanotubes if you want to fill it out further – this may give a firmer support option too !?

At £99, it’s not cheap but it is an extraordinary pillow solution to most people’s sleep problems.  It’s  modern, effective and well worth the money in my opinion for a good night’s sleep.   


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