Yu-Nu Pillowcase Review

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Final Thoughts

2 good quality, 100% cotton white pillowcases. Possibly most beneficial to people who sleep on their front or side sleepers.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

As a woman of a certain age, there have been few products that I have been more excited about trying than the Yu Nu pillowcase.  ‘Wake up to healthier looking skin’ say Nanu, the company behind this innovative product.   Who wouldn’t want to give it a go!  The delivery was swift and the two neatly folded white pillowcases arrived in a little breathable pouch which was a nice touch.  My first impressions were that this would be a quality product and I was not disappointed. 

I understand from the Nanu’s website that the pillowcases are proven to decrease wrinkle depth, making the term beauty sleep a reality, so I got straight to it and put the pillowcase on my pillow.  These pillowcases are well made, soft and made from 100% cotton.  They felt comfy enough but after a week, I’m not sure whether they have had any impact on my wrinkles, unfortunately.  After a wash, I am perservering and I am hopeful that I will see some of the effects that according to Nanu are ‘ clinically proven product that will repair, replenish and protect your skin cells as you sleep’.  Now I wonder if my sleeping position may be the main factor in my lack of success with them?  I have recently been sleeping with a heavy weighted blanket on me to prevent me waking up cold in the night with the duvet on the floor.  This has meant I am pretty much stuck sleeping on my back all night, so I plan to make an effort to sleep on my side (or front although it is unlikely, as not my preferred position) to see if I can wake up with rejuvenated skin!  

Overall, the Yu Nu pillowcases are good quality, well presented pillowcases but they are expensive unless you can see the beauty benefit.  Maybe one for those who have the spare cash to try the latest beauty fad.

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