The Una Latex Pillow Review

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Final Thoughts

A serious pillow for serious sleepers. If you don't mind the price tag & initial smell, it'll last for life and give you an excellent night's sleep.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Susannah

“Can I borrow this for the rest of my life?” asked my 7 year old when I’d taken the Una pillow out of the box and he’d laid his head on it.  “It’s soooo soft and it bounces.” He grinned but then raised his head, “Smells a bit weird. Why?”

I was tempted to get him to write the rest of this review but his understanding of price budgets and grown-ups’ insomnia issues isn’t quite there yet.  On the other hand, he did a pretty good job at summing up the pros and cons of this pillow.

What are latex pillows like? 

If you haven’t tried a latex pillow before, it’s important to understand what latex offers.   In many ways it’s the perfect pillow filling: latex pillows are  extremely soft and yet very supportive. Latex moulds to your head but then stays where it’s supposed to be.  In that way, it’s similar to memory foam but because the latex is actually tiny flakes of organic, natural rubber, it acts more like feathers or down, creating a deep cushiony cradle.   The best latex pillows have been known for their orthopaedic benefits, helpful for neck pain and side-sleepers because they are substantial and protective whilst you sleep.   For me, they’re actually the best pillow type in many ways as they have the squishy softness of down, but with the benefits of behaving more like memory foam.  A down pillow is just beautiful as you put your head on it – dreamlike, cloudlike loveliness – but then about halfway through the night it magically seems to disappear into nothing, your head presses down on the mattress and the pillow filling gathers around each ear instead. Latex pillows are heavy by comparison, sometimes surprisingly so, but when you sleep on it (which is what it’s all about) the pillow stays where you put it and doesn’t tango around your bed.

The down-side of latex is exactly as my son described – it smells a bit rubbery. You have to take the good with the bad in this respect and lots of airing will help the rubbery smell fade.  I don’t notice it any more but if you’re using a latex pillow for a child whose senses are a bit sharper, they might object.

So how does this latex pillow compare?

I have to say that the Una latex pillow is probably the best latex pillow that we’ve ever come across.  Dunlopillo (now called Relyon) used to corner the market in latex pillows, but their offering is dwindling and there aren’t many other manufacturers out there.   Una have done a brilliant job with this one and if we were just comparing latex pillows this would get 5/5 stars.

Why is it so good?

It’s an adjustable pillow – it’s height and firmness adjustable – two latex pillows within one pillowcase.
I was sceptical about this and thought they’d separate but a month on, they’re still snuggling into each other and you’d never know.  This does mean that if you are a side sleeper or have broader shoulders, you have a really supportive pillow.  If you’re smaller in frame then the pillow still works – just take out one of the pads.

The cover is superb quality, feels gorgeous and is in a beautiful ivory colour with smart navy trim.  The 70% cotton, 30% wool combo, so helps with heat and moisture control as well.

100% organic cover and organic latex filling.  Una are an exciting company and look like they’ve thought of everything.  They specialise in mattresses (as is normal for latex companies) and offer organic baby mattresses, junior mattresses and latex mattress toppers as well as their standard range.


The price tag is a bit on the steep side, but massively helped by their 100 days free trial and a 10 year warranty so it’s a pretty good offering.  This is a really excellent quality pillow and despite its surprisingly heavy floppiness and its initial whiff – it’s a seriously good pillow and my husband’s new favourite.

Available in three different sizes :
Travel Size –  50 x 30 x 13cm
Standard Size – 50 x 75 x 13cm
Super King Size – 50 x 90 x 13cm

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