Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Compact, but soft, supportive, cute & eco-friendly.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlie

The Panda Pillow feels like a new addition to our family.  Great branding, a cute little panda face on a gorgeously soft pillowcase which covers a small standard, extra cuddly memory foam pillow.  I had to fight my children for the Panda Pillow on the first night!

When I unpacked ‘our’ pillow from the recyclable box, it did smell a little but this thankfully quickly disappeared.  The pessimist in me was particularly keen to sleep on this pillow to see if it would be fit for purpose or whether it was just a gimmick?  I am relieved to report that it is the former. One of the softest pillows I have ever felt and it is incredibly comfortable. This pillow is filled with memory foam which I did not find to be too hard or dense, it actually feels quite light. In my opinion it offers medium to firm support.  I am used to using 2 bouncy microfibre pillows. This one didn’t feel as high but has been perfectly bouncy for the last 4 nights – so far, so good.

It is slighter smaller than my other standard pillows but it comes with its own pillowcase that is machine washable and you can buy extra pillowcases online.  It is worth noting though that the cover is the only part of the pillow made from bamboo, which may be slightly misleading given the emphasis on this material in the marketing literature.  Its qualities do stand out though and as well as being soft to touch, it is said to be hypoallergenic, dust mite free and antibacterial which makes it a good option for the whole family.  The bamboo fibres also make the cover highly breathable which helps with temperature regulation so this pillow should be great all year round.  Having only recently received ‘my panda’ I have only used it in cool November weather but have found it comfortable – certainly no sweating or chills.  The other benefit of using bamboo is that it is an environmentally friendly material that is plentiful. My Panda donate some of their profits to the WWF in order to help preserve the wild panda’s at-risk habitat, which adds to the ‘feel good’ factor when buying this product.

Finally, I must mention that this product comes with a 30 night home trial and an amazing 10 years manufacturer guarantee.

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