The White Company Super-Soft Ultra Wash Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

An excellent value pillow - plump, comfortable and impressively well made. Just be careful when washing.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Richard

Available in both medium and firm (I tried the medium), and in a range of sizes from toddler cot-bed pillow to kingsize.


This pillow comes in a professional black zip up bag and I was worried that for £15, this would reduce the quality of pillow but not at all. 

Plump and well made with a pleasing appearance.  The cover is 100% polyester as is the filling, but regular indentations in the luxurious-feeling outer material give the impression of a high quality product.

The finish and general construction is of an excellent standard with fine stitching and a secure rim which looks unlikely to pull or undo on stretching, The labelling has detailed instructions for washing which should be followed (see below).

I found this pillow very comfortable under the head.  It is soft and regular to touch with no lumpiness or hard corners.  After a night’s sleep it returns to shape afterwards with minimal creasing.  

This pillow provides reasonable support for side-sleepers.  It warms to the body and is my preferred winter pillow.  The polyester may not suit some on hot summer days.

As it claims to be ‘ultra-washable’ I tested this claim on two pillows.  The first was not as expected, as the filling had separated and clumped.  However, hand on heart we can’t vouch for the fact my wife totally followed the washing instructions on the label.   We tested a second pillow and this was much better.  After machine washing the pillow did not become lumpy. It remains soft and comfortable although possibly a touch firmer than when new. The external cover presents as new.


Overall – an excellent value pillow from The White Company – comfortable and impressively well made. Just be careful when washing.

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