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We’ve been giving advice on pillows and sleep for nearly a decade.   Below we’ve posted some of the most useful FAQs / readers’ questions to help you find the right pillow for you.

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Different Pillow Types

Hello I am looking for a Memory foam pilllow for children. Under your children's list I don't see any memory foams. please advise. Nicola.

Hi Nicola, Your email was really well timed as we've just reviewed a fantastic pillow by Panda pillows which our teenage reviewer has fallen in love with. Panda use memory foam and bamboo and an organic cotton cover for their pillows and they come in three sizes: adult, child size and a baby / toddler size. We'd massively recommend the child-size pillow. Good for any age from 3 to 16. Actually good after that too if you don't want to take a big pillow with you on sleepovers or travelling. We're just ordering 2 more for our kids as they are fighting over the one we've already got.

Child pillow review is here

Toddler pillow is here

I hope you enjoy them. Best Regards, Susannah - PillowAdvisor team

Hi, Please kindly explain the difference of these pillows you advise to " Latex pillows "?? Also these pillows you advise do i need a pillow underneath if so which type of pillow please ?? for reason i don,t like my head too flat ( almost on mattress but also my head not too high off mattress i need correct balance for my body / spine, neck ). I suffer chronic fatigue synd but i don't like U shaped pillows/ body pillows. Soak & Sleep company never amended my address i was fortunate courier knows me from delivering previous parcels. IT,S A COMPLETE NIGHT MARE GETTING CORRECT PILLOW THERE'S TOO MANY ON MARKET NOWADAYS. Sue

Hi Sue, Latex pillows are a very good choice for those who suffer from back and neck problems but can be a little warmer than natural fillings, and don't really have the 'marshmallow' feeling you are describing. This is why I did not recommend them to you in your last email. However, if you buy one with a 100% cotton cover which is also washable, it could be a good solution for you - they are fantastic for neck and head pain and many sufferers swear by them. Have a look at the review we wrote here of the latex Super Comfort Dunlopillo, or go straight to the less firm, softer Dunlopillo Serenity Pillow here (best for back sleepers). You shouldn't need another pillow underneath. Also - thanks for your comments about Soak and Sleep. We'll definitely look into this to see if anyone else has had a negative experience. All best, The Pillow Advisor team

Hi pillow advisor, My local bedding retailer is selling a 'Kaymed IKOOL' - memory pillow with integrated gel for keeping cool. Have you come across such a pillow? Im a side sleeper with neck issues now and then. haven't used a memory foam before. Looking for a solution. many thanks joseph

Hi Joseph, thanks for getting in touch. We've not tried this pillow before, it sounds like it could be a little gimmicky. Is both neck pain and overheating an issue for you? If it's mostly dealing with neck pain and you're a side sleeper then the best approach is to ensure you've got just the right amount of head support so that your neck is held straight. A firm microfibre pillow or memory foam can do this, you might need to experiment a little to find the right one for you. Might be worth giving the Kaymed one a go, especially if your local retailer could let you try it on for size. Suzie

Hi! I think I may be asking for the moon, but here goes....... I mainly sleep on my tummy with my head to one side and my arms crossed across my chest. Sometimes I wake up and I'm more on my side but still with arms crossed. I gather I need a softish pillow and I prefer feather/down as I can pummel it into the right shape under my neck which I can't do with microfibre. My main problem really is that I get a very sweaty head (I'm 70) especially on very warm nights, so it doesn't really seem worth spending a lot on a pillow that would have to be thrown out after a while. I don't have a tumble dryer so a washable pillow wouldn't be much help. I told you I was tricky! But if you CAN help, I'd be so grateful). Kind regards Mary

  Hi Mary, Thanks for your question and don't worry about being tricky, we love a challenge. It's useful to make sure that we're on top of the market and know what's out there for different kinds of needs and sleepers. Actually, your request is a little difficult as with feather and down you tend to get what you pay for and the nicer products are more expensive. If you don't want to spend too much and you can't wash your pillow, you will have to compromise a little and go for a pillow which is not a Pillow Advisor 'Best', but is still a decent pillow. Your email actually made me go and review a pillow I've been aware of for a while at Marks and Spencer's and I think it may fit the bill as it has a  cool cotton cover with a full down / feather filling and ideal for front sleepers Have a look at the M&S Duck Feather pillow - we have reviewed the firm support version here but they also have a medium pillow for £18. Good luck and here's to a happy night's sleep! Suzie.

hey there! on the pillow hunt since recently and came across this great site of yours! just wondering if you can advise me an alternative to the discontinued White Company Hungarian goose down pillow? I'm a side sleeper in search of the perfect blend of firmness/support yet fluffiness at the same time. I had a one night stand with this girl once and she had the perfect pillow that exactly fitted that description. Sadly, I'm unable to ask her what pillows she has. All the best, Ali

Hi Ali, glad you like the site. We think it's a shame that the White Company have discontinued the HGD pillow - it was very good. The good news is that we've found a successor in the John Lewis Ultimate Winter Snow Goose Down pillow - here's the review. It's pretty expensive but worth it? If you're going to spend years with it then it's a long term investment.

Hi, can you recommend a brand of Latex pillow please? There are a lot around with quite different prices. Hypnos Dunlopillo and Silentnight are all so varying, how do I understand what’s best for a reasonable price? Thank you Jo

Hey Jo! We recently reviewed the Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe pillow, we thought it was pretty good

Finding My Perfect Pillow?

Help! I am sleeping on a tempur cloud pillow which I really don’t like as its too firm for me and my head feels quite warm. I have spent a lot of money trying different fillings and still can’t find anything suitable i don’t like a firm pillow but also don’t like a pillow you sink in to or feeling hot . Budget is probably around £60 or less. Any ideas welcome.Ok, so memory foam and synthetic pillows are not great at dissipating heat; you’re better off going for a natural pillow: down / feather, wool or latex would be best. – Rog

Hi Rog, My recommendations would be: 1) Wool pillow – You won’t sink in to a wool pillow and it’s brilliant at controlling temperature. Try this one – very reasonably priced: M&S Wool Pillow 2) Latex pillow – We’ve tried the Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe (I have it on a bed at home right now) and it’s very comfortable, good at regulating temperature, is supportive but not too firm. Also is around your budget. Also read the excellent reviews for it at John Lewis here . 3) Firm down pillow – Soak and Sleep Duck Feather & Down pillow – Cheap but a good pillow. You won’t get too hot and its box-structure means it’s more supportive than traditional down pillows, so you won’t sink in too much (that’s why you need ‘firm’ with a down pillow). Best of luck and let us know how you get on!