Panda Kids – Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

'Soft and loveable. It's my favourite pillow in the world and it helps Pandas too!' – Izzy aged 11.  

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Isobel

As this is a children’s pillow, we asked a real child to test it out and quizzed her for her opinion.  Izzy was only too keen to help out 🙂 

Izzy writes:

I love this pillow so much because it is not only soft (and very squishy) but it also supports your head and neck, so you can sleep comfortably and rest sitting up.
The case it comes in is really nice because it is so silky and nice to rest on even without an additional cover on it! It also has tiny pinpricks all over the case which lets air flow through so my head doesn’t get hot. I also love the little logo of the panda in the corner (It is so cute and lovely!) In addition to all this, my mum says the cover is super easy to wash and comes out looking brand-new.

Size-wise the pillow is about 9cm thick, 38 cm wide and 54cm long which makes it really comfy for both kids and adults as it is a great size for both. There is also a toddler and an adult version of this pillow: the toddler version being around 3cm thick, 24cm wide and 45cm long and I don’t have the adult version, so I don’t know the dimensions of that one. But compared to the kids one, the toddler one is thinner but is more firm which young children need to support their heads while sleeping. While the toddler pillow is not suitable for slightly older children or adults, the kids pillow is ok for older children and teenagers.

The panda packaging box the pillow comes in is nice and smart with lots of information not only about the pillow but about the company too. For example, it tells you about the bamboo it is made from and how it is environmentally friendly, also the panda company gives a portion of all proceeds to WWF each year to help the pandas (which I thought was lovely).

The Kids panda pillow feels well-made and long lasting and I feel it will definitely last the 10 year guarantee. It is really easy to wash the cover in 40 degrees and is also easy to remove.

I love this pillow loads (me and my sister both really wanted it, but I wrote the review so ha!) and I feel like it is so supportive and soft, it is definitely my favourite so far. ?


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