Panda Toddler Pillow review

A review of the Panda Toddler Pillow - a kids Bamboo and Memory Foam Pillow Buy it here
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Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly, soft and very cute - a perfect first pillow with even a free trial and guarantee. Impressive.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Susie

Panda have done their homework on what looks good, feels good and what little kids will love.  What’s more they’ve got a 30 day free trial promise, and a 10 year guarantee which is really rare for a pillow retailer, so TBH you can’t really go wrong as long as you buy it for the right aged children.  They do an adults one too which we’ve just put in our ‘Best Pillows’ list.   

NOTE: Panda have now made a Kids memory foam pillow for age 4+ – thank you for listening, Panda!  So if your child is slightly older, look at this one


From the start, The Panda Toddler Pillow is a lovely experience.  The box looks classy and natural, I feel good as it’s a ‘greener’ more environmentally friendly purchase, and there’s a sneaky peak and feel of the pillow inside through a little window.  

As soon as he got it out, my little boy fell in love.  The panda face (or paw? – not quite sure!) is a really cute design on the cover and clearly hit the mark with my four year old.  

He hugged it, danced with it, and honestly, I’m not joking,  actually sang to it.   That was more than I’d imagined as a reviewer, or a parent!

The pillow is very soft but also feels long-lasting – the 10 year guarantee probably backs up my gut feel there.  The cover is quilted and removable for easy washing or cleaning after any little dribbles or worse.  The bamboo and memory foam combo works brilliantly for small wriggly children: they’ll move around in their sleep but the pillow stays in place – genius.  It’s gentle but supportive for little heads and necks.


Size-wise, it would be perfect for a cot bed, or a toddler bed but its thin depth and smaller than standard pillow width means that it can get lost on a normal sized bed.   – Go for the Kids’ version – bigger and perfect size for aged 4+ if your child is older. 


My son LOVED it.  But I’ve had to give it to a friend with a younger child and I haven’t got up the courage to tell him yet.  It’s too thin for a 4 year old, at only an inch or so thick, it doesn’t give his neck the support it needs.  He gets hot at night too and had a bit of a sweat on in the morning because of the memory foam.

But it’s a very, very nice product and my friend now loves it.  


Verdict?  Perfect for a ‘first pillow’ for a baby or toddler between 12 months and 36 months max, otherwise it’s too thin when they’re older.    See the Panda Kids pillow review if you have older children. 

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