The Casper Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

A good quality, well designed fibre pillow.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Susannah

I was delighted to receive my Casper pillow.  It felt like a special gift rather than an item of bedding as it came in an attractive box with a card from the founders telling me about the pillow and giving care instructions.  Of course, the pillow is what really matters but this was a nice touch. So on to the actual pillow review….

First impressions of Casper’s fibre filled pillow have been good.  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I really like it.  I usually move around in my sleep, from my side to my back and I have found that the  pillow has enough ‘give’ to allow me to do this without waking up or getting a sore neck.  It is a modern pillow with a unique design but it’s appearance is actually quite traditional.  The soft, white breathable outer cover is neatly stitched and fits snugly in to a standard pillow case – although if it were machine washable, you could probably get away with out the pillow case. Unfortunately it is spot clean only.  What makes this pillow feel particularly fluffy is this outer cover which fits around the pillow like an extra pillow case and is made of percale cotton filled with long fibres to give an extra ‘cushiony’ feel. The inner pillow is made from different shorter fibre strands which are evenly distributed and give the feeling of a down pillow – soft and cloud like but with a bit more support.

My nice little card also tells me that the cover has been made with a focus on keeping you cool.  Now it would be somewhat unfair for me to comment on this, as my cat has taken to sharing my pillow at night, so I don’t think I am getting the entire ‘coolness’ benefit, as I have half a cat on my head!!!  He clearly likes the pillow too though! 

I like this pillow very much but the main drawback for me is the price.  At £60 for a standard size pillow (they also have a Super King version for £75), I don’t feel I can justify the £60 price tag to buy one for each member of the family.  So I will keep this to myself.  If you do regularly use 2 pillows though, this may be a good value buy for you, as it is a good depth, I think just 1 Casper pillow would be sufficient.  It also comes with a generous 100 night trial and free returns so why not give it a go, it could be the best pillow for you.

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