Yu – Nu Eye Mask Review

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Final Thoughts

A good quality eye mask and a great concept but it kept falling off!

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Charlotte

My teenage daughter loves an eye mask, in fact she won’t go to bed without one.  Without total blackout she struggles to get to sleep.  So when I gave her the yu-nu sleep mask from Nanu she was thrilled.  Not only could it help her sleep, she was also excited by the prospect of waking up with better skin.  To be honest, I don’t think when Nanu designed the Yu Nu moisturising Sleep Mask they had adolescent skin in mind but she hoped for soft skin!  With a marketing message of ‘a nu-yu with your yu-nu sleep mask’ who wouldn’t want to try it.

The Yu-Nu sleep mask arrived swiftly and in lovely packaging – a branded appropriately sized box with a handy pouch inside containing the moisturising sleep mask.  On first impressions, the eye mask looked good and felt great.  The mask is gorgeously soft on both sides, as is the elastic strap surprisingly.  The outward facing material is a crisp white, with the inner material being black to block out the light.

Nanu market this eye mask as part of your skincare routine. It is enriched with organic probiotics to help skin dryness and dullness, as well as reducing wrinkle depth, WOW!!  Any product that can do this while you sleep sounds fantastic to me.

On the first night when our daughter went to bed wearing the mask she loved it, it was ‘so comfy’, however it soon fell off!  We adjusted the strap to it’s tightest setting but every time she moved, it fell off again.  She was so disappointed as everything else seemed great but it clearly wasn’t for her.  So we then tried the moisturising eye mask on my husband who I would say has a normal sized head (for an almost middle aged man) and annoyingly it did the same.  Every time he turned over it fell down from his eyes. I think part of the problem is the length of the elastic but also that it is a softer type of elastic, which feels lovely to touch but doesn’t pull tight enough and is more slippery.  Not wanting to miss out, I had to have my turn too and unfortunately the sleep mask didn’t fit me either.


To conclude, this could have been a real success but we will never know as we couldn’t keep it on long enough to see any benefits to our skin. If you have a head that is on the slightly larger side, it may well be worth giving a go.  For an introductory price of £15 it is a well made, nice eye mask.  We just hope that Nanu will consider different sizes or an adjustment to the existing elastic to make it work for all.




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