Kally Sleep Neck Pain Pillow

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Final Thoughts

A good quality, contoured, memory foam neck pain pillow offering medium support. Very comfy for a back sleeper and helped ease neck pain.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Mark

I used to wake up with neck pain quite regularly. I am usually not a comfortable sleeper and suspect that rolling around a lot is partly the cause of my neck pain. A few years ago I started trying out different pillows and found that memory foam provided extra comfort and support.

I was recently given the Kallysleep Neck Pain Pillow and it has been a welcome extra addition to my sleeping experience. Like other KallySleep products, it looks the part. In the past I’ve found that some memory foam pillows can look a bit gimmicky and cheap. That isn’t the case with this particular product. It feels solid yet forgiving and has a good weight to it so it’s not going to spring out of place.

I sleep on my back and this pillow is nicely contoured in a butterfly shape to accommodate your neck and head and provides a welcome amount of support without being too firm like other orthopaedic pillows I have tried.  The pillow case feels soft to touch and of nice quality.  I believe it is machine washable but I haven’t tried to wash it yet.

It’s not the thickest pillow you’ll ever encounter so you may want to consider a second pillow underneath it. I have no idea whether that is manufacturer recommended but I tried it and it worked for me. I’m sometimes horrified at the cost of speciality pillows but in this instance I think the price point and product fit nicely together.

Pillow Specification:

Dimensions: 56cm x 34cm x 11.5cm 

Weight: 1000g

Inner cover: Polyester jersey  Outer Cover: Air Layer Fabric  Filling: Memory Foam

A 2 year guarantee is offered on this product.

At the time of this review, Kally Sleep are offering a discounted price of £4.99 (instead of £9.99) on a white contoured pillow case for this pillow.  They are also offering buy one get one free on these pillows.

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