Tempur ‘Cloud’ Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Our favourite Memory Foam Pillow - A premium quality all-rounder memory foam pillow. It's a standard pillow-shape, soft and supportive. Highly recommended.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: PABarney

If you’re looking for a high-quality memory foam pillow and you don’t like the more rigid ‘S’ shape of the contoured pillow, then this Tempur traditional ‘Cloud’ pillow is the one to go for.

Compared to the contoured ‘Queen’ pillow, this pillow has a classic domed pillow shape and is higher than the ‘Queen’.   This means though that because of its depth, it may be better for back-sleepers than side-sleepers unless you’re happy with a substantial pillow to replace two thinner ones for example.  Again, it’s not cheap but we (and a lot of other people too) are raving about these Tempur memory pillows. So if you’re a memory-foam fan (they’re not for everyone, I can assure you) search no further:  you should get an excellent night’s sleep.

75% cotton 25% polyester; cover is machine-washable  (74 x 50cm)





If you want a bit more information about Tempur pillows and why they work, they’ve produced quite a helpful video.

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