REM-Fit Snow Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

5 stars if you're looking for a cool pillow: an expensive choice if coolness isn't important.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Mark

 –  6 months on and our reviewer still loves his pillow  – and it even washes well. 

A ‘snow pillow’??  What on earth is a ‘snow pillow’?  Designed to banish sweaty nights, this is a totally different kind of pillow which is astonishingly cool.

Made by REM-Fit – the manufacturers of the Zeeq SMART Pillow – this pillow appears to have been made in collaboration with a US based company ‘Protect-A-Bed’ who manufacture health protection bedding like mattress and pillow protectors.

When I first received this pillow, to be honest, I thought I’d been sent the wrong product.  The box was so small, I assumed it was a rolled up mattress protector.  Inside though was a tightly rolled up pillow.  OK, cute but surely it would come out a bit lumpy and mis-shapen?   And yes, indeed it did.   Hmmm…     But then, a little card inside the box said to lay it flat for 30 mins and it would ping back to its original shape. So that’s exactly what it did.   Lo and behold, 30 mins later the filling spread had right out to the corners and suddenly it looked like a pillow.

The unique difference with the Snow Pillow is that its outer cover is made of “Nordic Chill fabric” which comprises of 55% polyester and 45% Ice Yarn.  “Ice Yarn” (??!!)  Sounded like just marketing to me but if it worked, bring on the ice.  The feel of the cover is smooth and silky, cool to touch – apparently this fabric helps dissipate body heat up to 10 times faster than cotton. Wow!  My wife likes our bedroom to be nice and warm which often makes me sweat at night, so I welcomed this pillow.  It sounded good, and I can say after a great night’s sleep, it delivered.

It may not be the softest or bounciest pillow out there but it definitely keeps you cool.  It’s filled with shredded memory foam so offers a good level of support but is not too firm or deep and should suit most sleeping positions – I personally sleep on my side.  Unfortunately, the pillow is not machine washable but you can still get the ‘cool’ effect with a pillow case over it.

At £99 this is NOT cheap for a memory foam pillow but it feels like it will last and comes with a 1 year guarantee.  Really useful for people who struggle with night sweats.  It may also be a handy addition for a summer camping trip as it folds up so small.

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