John Lewis Micro-Fresh Anti Allergy Pillow review

John-Lewis-MicroFresh-Anti-Allergy-Pillow review Not currently available
£16 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

Washable, anti-allergy with 100% cotton cover.  A good value buy for little (and big) children.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Susie


Unfortunately, this pillow is no longer available.  For an equally good value children’s (or adults) pillow, take a look at the John Lewis soft touch washable standard pillow.

This is an excellent, washable anti-allergy pillow.  John Lewis market it as a children’s pillow, so  I tried it with my own little boy and … thought it was great.

I thought that asking my child what he thought was a good start  – but let’s just say three year olds don’t give the most detailed feedback on pillows!   He’s sleeping really well on this pillow and is very good at putting stars on things, so I’m getting hopeful for full reviews in the near future!

From my point of view this kids pillow is an excellent choice.

  • It’s washable and tumble-dryable – let’s be practical about milk messes, sicky bugs and night-time toilet training.
  • It’s got a 100% cotton cover –  less sweaty heads and chemicals right next to your child’s skin.
  • It’s anti-allergy – even “wash after wash” apparently.
    I haven’t washed it time and time again yet, so scientifically test this claim but John Lewis have a reputation to maintain, and with what they state is  ‘award winning Micro-fresh anti-allergy technology’, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you’re after a bargain children’s pillow, go for John Lewis ‘The Basics’ pillow at £6.   But, if you want one to last a bit longer,  pay the extra for this one – it just feels nicer.    

Not currently available