John Lewis Soft Touch Washable Pillow review

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£10 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

A classic John Lewis hollowfibre pillow that delivers everything you’d want for only a tenner. 5* for all round value-for-money.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Mark

Ten pounds for a pillow that you can fill your house with.

We bought this pillow for our 8 year old daughter who is a “thrasher”. She twists and turns her pillow throughout the night so we needed something soft and reasonably pliable.  This is John Lewis’s best-selling pillow and gets consistently excellent reviews, so we definitely needed to try it out!  It definitely did the job and immediately got the thumbs up from her.

The pillow is a classic John Lewis product, good value and good quality.  Soft to the touch, tidily stitched and very cuddleable. It’s very much my kind of pillow as your head melts into it rather than rests on it. Of course, that may not suit everyone and there is the option to choose a firmer pillow from the same range.

As is usually the case from this particular retailer, it arrived in super quick time and, fortunately, it didn’t have that new pillow smell that I, personally, don’t like.

The filling is polyester so there’s limited risk of allergy issues but it’s as soft as any duck down pillow in my opinion. It doesn’t fold as easily as a feather pillow but it will retain its shape and last longer. It’s also machine washable so, overall, it’s perfect for guest room use.

You may treat yourself to a more luxurious pillow but for the spare room and children who like to wrestle with their pillows this is ideal, particularly when you factor in the price. You won’t get any complaints and this is a genuine value for money product.

We tried the soft/medium, but it also comes in  medium/firm,  and extra/firm,  for those who prefer a bit more support.



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