Silentnight Sleepzone Anti Snore Pillow review

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£10 at Argos
Final Thoughts

Good value anti-snoring pillow. Firm, and designed to work if you sleep on your back.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susie

Another anti-snore pillow, this time from Silentnight and sold through Argos at what is a very good price of £10 per pillow.  Anti-snore pillows, recommended by the British Snoring Company ( are designed to offer firm support and keep the airway in the neck aligned.  For non-snorers, these are not going to offer much comfort, but for snorers and their partners, they may well offer some much-needed respite from snoring.

Whether this will work for you (or your partner) often depends on how significant the snoring is, so reviews are split between those people for whom this has solved all problems and for those for whom it’s made little difference.  Hence a 4 stars from me, due to its reasonable price point and the fact that it did help ‘a bit’.  Whilst I don’t think it as as well designed as the SnoreStop pillow this is a good value starter to see if it works.   If you’re after a more serious solution to keep the head aligned, have a look at the memory foam Tempur pillows – a big step up in price from this but highly recommended by health-care professionals to keep the neck and head in the right position for clearer airways and comfort.

For £10 – definitely worth a go.

Available at  Argos

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