Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat review

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Final Thoughts

Hot in bed? Not a pillow but a cooling gel mat which you slip into a pillowcase. Better than the water-filled alternatives.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Jo

Are you hot in bed? This little mat will cool you down.

If night sweats and hot flashes are keeping you awake at night then the Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat is worth trying to help turn your body temperature down.

Products to keep your pillow cool aren’t a particularly new concept but for a long time many were little more than pockets filled with water. The Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat is a bit different from the others – it does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a pillow mat with gel in it.

Made of a soft cotton blend, it’s roughly half the size of a standard pillow and slips into a pillowcase or under a towel. There’s no water filling or anything else required, so it’s easy to use as long as you remember to pop it into the fridge or freezer for a couple of hours before bedtime – maybe set an alarm if you’re likely to get distracted by ‘Strictly’.  Warning, DON’T lie directly on it if it’s been in the freezer!   It can also be microwaved and used as a short term heat pack instead if you ever suffer from a short-term stiff neck.

Compared to some cheaper chill pads on the market at the moment,  it’s a robust product so it’s unlikely to split open and leak smelly gel on your best bed linen. Maintenance is pretty straightforward as the pad only requires an occasional rub down. At £24 it is at the premium end of the market but you do get what you paid for.

Whilst it will keep your face cool, let’s be honest, it’s not a miracle cure for night sweats and it understandably warms up after a few hours.  It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than installing air conditioning though!

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