John Lewis 100% British Goose Down Pillow review

John-Lewis-100%-British-Goose-Down-Pillow review Not currently available
£140 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

Oozing country-house, old-fashioned quality with absolutely no skimping - softly, sumptuously, luxurious down. My perfect pillow.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Susannah

Currently unavailable.  Try the John Lewis Natural Collection Hungarian Goose Down Pillow instead?  Cheaper at £75 but still  beautiful quality.   We like the soft / medium for cloud-like softness – use a slim firmer pillow underneath if you’re a side sleeper.  

Out of all the John Lewis pillows, and this is saying something as their selection of down pillows is truly impressive, this British Goose Down Pillow has to be my personal favourite.

Whilst I’d also recommend the John Lewis Siberian Goose Down Pillow as a rather lovely present – ‘Siberian’ sounds more exclusive than ‘British’- if you’re in it for the long-term, I would have no hesitation in splashing out on the British Goose Down Pillow. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s better (and slightly cheaper) than their Canadian down alternative and this is an investment that’s worth every penny.

Ok, so the expert in John Lewis told me that the main difference was apparently that British geese don’t need to keep as warm as Siberian geese, so they don’t have as much down. But there’s one solution to this: just put more geese in the pillow. Ah, so very cunning! And more down they certainly have added.

This pillow has a cloud-like depth to it, shown by its boxed-edge, 100% cotton cover and its beaded seams. It oozes country-house, old-fashioned quality with absolutely no skimping. It’s stuffed full of soft, soft down so that after I lifted my head from the little nest it made, the pillow bounced back with upper-class confidence.

It’s gone through their Nomite™ anti-allergy treatment so you’ll be ok with down, even if you’re allergic and you’ve also got the feel-good benefit of the fact you’re buying British of course. You can wash it at 60 degrees, keeping it fresh and dust-mite free for years to come (of course it comes with a John Lewis 5 year guarantee).

If you want the total down and surround experience from a pillow which is incredibly soft, with excellent quality at every turn, ‘plumptious’ is the word I’d like to use for this one. Scrumptiously plumpfy, plumpily scrumptious, just… scrummy… there, I’m already in la-la-land just thinking about lying on it again. I’m having this one for my own Christmas present.

ohn Lewis British Goose Down pillow boxed


100% Cotton cover

100% British goose down surround with a 85% Siberian goose feather and 15% Siberian goose down core filling

Pillow Dimensions L 75cm  x W 50cm



Not currently available