Dunlopillo Latex Foam Super Comfort Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

A superbly firm, bouncy and supportive pillow that should last for a very long time.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlie

I have been suffering from neck pain and back ache for a while now and after reading so many positive reviews, I thought this pillow may be able to solve my problems.  I have never used a latex pillow before and so I was slightly wary but as I am not a fan of memory foam, this seemed a good alternative.  I compared this and the Dunlopillo Serenity in store and decided the Super Comfort would be better for me, as it felt softer and deeper than the Serenity.

When I initially took this Dunlopillo out of the packaging, I noticed a smell, similar to the smell of balloons – the latex!  Thankfully following a short airing this should fade as it appears to be a well made, incredibly bouncy and deep pillow.   Although, it has a soft feel, it is firm and may not work for everyone.  I would only opt for 1 of these pillows as I think they will provide a great level of support and height.

It comes with an attractive 100% soft cotton striped washable cover which has a zip so it is easy to take off. I have been informed that this is one of the main changes to this pillow which is a re-vamp of a product that has been available for many years.  That it is still so popular, I think speaks volumes. Feedback we have received suggests it does not dip in the middle at all and has great bounce back ability and keeps its shape well.  This feels like a long-lasting pillow and if you like it, I doubt you will ever turn back.  Latex is a good option for dust mite allergy sufferers too as it is has natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-dustmite properties.



Made from 100% natural Dunlopillo Latex

Cover material 100% Cotton

Dimensions L68 x W40cm


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