M&S Comfortably Cool Pillow review

M&S-Comfortably-Cool-Pillow-review Not currently available
£15 at Marks and Spencer
Final Thoughts

A full, firm pillow of average quality - I'm not convinced it's really 'cool'.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Ross

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – The Slumberdown Memory Cool pillow at Argos is a great alternative at a similar price point (£19)

If you can afford a bit more, we’ve just tested a much better cool pillow – read the REM-Fit Snow Pillow review – after months of sleeping on it our reviewer still loves it.  The pillow is still cool and has also washed with great success. 


Do you find yourself waking in the night, needing to turn the pillow over to the cool side? Well, this pillow from Marks and Spencer promises to keep your head cool all night long.

It feels like any other polyester microfibre pillow to be honest – nice and soft,  but still offering a reasonable level of support.  It’s got a decent amount of filling, and has a very full, bouncy feel so that you can easily manage with just the one pillow if you go for the ‘firm’ option.  The cover is not the best quality, a little on the tatty side, but I guess if it’s in a nice pillowcase you won’t notice.

The real question is of course, how does it perform in bed? Well, after a few nights’ testing, I am not sure that it makes that much difference. Waking gently to turn over in the night, I still find myself turning my pillow over to get to the cool side, and that is the point really isn’t it – the cool side of the pillow is still one of life’s little pleasures, as over 4 million people on Facebook have testified (just search ‘Flipping the pillow over to get to the cool side’!).

Well, if you really do have a problem with hot pillows, then this would definitely be worth trying, but maybe not so much for anyone who simply enjoys the sensation of the cool side of the pillow at night and doesn’t feel it seriously compromises their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Available in both medium (nicer stitching but a bit flat) and firm (fuller and bouncier)


  • Filled with eco polyester (‘Dacron’) fibre which is specially designed to control your temperature keeping you cool at night
  • Non- allergenic
  • Pure cotton cover
Not currently available