M&S Wool Pillow review

M&S-Wool-Pillow-review Not currently available
£35 at Marks and Spencer
Final Thoughts

A good compromise - cooler, more natural & more supportive than a microfibre pillow.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE –  The Downland Wool Pillow available from Argos (click here) is a similar type of pillow made with wool and polyester filling with a 100% cotton cover but at the lower price of £25!!

If you’re looking for a pillow to support your neck throughout the night then this wool pillow from Marks and Spencer certainly will do the job.  Over the years, I’ve found 100% wool pillows to be nice to nestle into but they quickly get clumpy and out of shape. The addition of polyester overcomes that by keeping this pillow honest and in shape. Obviously the flip side is that it’s not all natural and hasn’t got quite the same cooling properties as a pillow just filled with wool. 

The 100% cotton cover is good quality though, and does help keep you cool at night.  It has beaded edges and is best described as unfussy. And if you’re an indecisive buyer then this pillow solves that problem by coming in one colour, “Natural”!

If you aren’t a fan of memory foam but do want a similar supportive feel then this blend of wool and polyester is a good option as it provides both comfort and firmness. It’s certainly one to consider for anyone suffering with sore neck issues. It will also suit pillow bashers as this one will always bounce back into shape.

It’s ideal for back sleepers and I liked the medium softness as a firmer option may just be that little bit too unforgiving for me. I think it will work well in the coming winter months as it’s got a cosy, warm feeling and is temperature regulating as well as being naturally anti-bacterial.

Normally, wool pillows don’t tend to wash very well and most manufacturers say to surface wipe them.  This one though, probably due to it’s polyester mix says it’s machine washable and suitable for a tumble dryer, although we can’t guarantee it as we haven’t yet tested its washing durability.

Overall – could be a good half-way house if you like the sound of wool but don’t want to go all the way.  You’ll lose a bit of natural temperature regulation, and the dust-mites are more likely to want to hang out in the polyester unfortunately, but it’s still a better choice than 100% polyester and is definitely softer and bouncier than the full wool pillow.

Not currently available