The White Company Luxury Bedding at 30,000 Feet

British Airways uses The White Company pillows

Sleeping on a plane is rarely an enjoyable experience. Airlines have long been looking for ways to make night flights a bit more comfortable for their passengers, particularly those lucky enough to be situated at the front of the plane.
British Airways was the first airline to introduce flat beds and they have now teamed up with The White Company to provide Business Class customers with luxurious bedding. Passengers are given a large White Company pillow as well as a woven blanket, a lightweight duvet and a padded under sheet to make the flat bed feel more like a proper bed.
The partnership is part of a £400 million investment into BA’s Club World long haul offering and was launched on October 24th on their London Heathrow to New York route.
BA selected The White Company as their brand partner due to their strong reputation in the UK and their emerging presence in New York where they have just opened their second US store, located on the ever trendy Fifth Avenue.
The White Company products will be available to all Club World passengers by next summer.
BA aren’t the only airline to have recognised the benefit of a sleep brand partnership. United airlines provide their big budget passengers with bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue.