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Yes, it’s here!  We listened to your questions and have finally got our sister site ‘Duvet Advisor‘ together.   Thanks to all our reviewers for their time and snooze-tests.
With 10 years of reviewing and advising on pillows under our belt, we thought it was finally time to branch out.  Not a big branch, to be honest, but a logical one:  what use is a great pillow if you’re tossing and turning under a sub-standard duvet.

So with nearly 40 reviews of the best duvets –  bargain duvets or luxury duvets – we’ve chosen our top ten.   Really useful, particularly as you often can’t try and take them back, Duvet Advisor has got lots of info regards what kind of filling will suit you, what tog to look for, what to consider if you’ve got a small budget, or even if you and your partner have different bedding needs.   We’ve looked at some good anti-allergy duvets and also advise on the best children’s duvets and toddler duvets to buy for your little one.

Anyway – look for yourselves if you need a bit of help: