Can I Bring You The Pillow Menu, Sir?

pillow menu

I’d like to take my pillow with me everywhere. On holiday, on planes, on business trips. Why should I settle for something harder or softer or bouncier or squidgier?
Imagine… You’re on a 12 week cruise. The pillow in your cabin turns out to be about as comfortable as a slow dance with your mother-in-law. Disaster and you’ve got 12 weeks of slow dances to look forward to.
The problem is, I’d look daft holding my pillow while stood at a hotel reception in Luton (on a business trip, not a holiday). So I have to leave it behind and make do with whatever I find on the bed. That was until the advent of THE PILLOW MENU!!
Yep, it’s a menu full of pillows so you can choose the one that reminds you of the one you left behind. Sheer genius.
Actually, I do still have to make do as the Pillow Menu hasn’t made it to my Luton budget hotel yet. Swankier establishments have introduced them though and they can even be seen on planes, although you’ll have to turn left when you board.
OK, so no one can offer you a pillow as perfect as your own but at least you can pick the best of the bunch.
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