Sleep tighter: Zeeq smart pillow plays music, tracks slumber and stops snoring for top kipping

SLEEP TIGHTER: ZEEQ Smart Tech Pillow   

We’re still trying to find a reputable retailer for this pillow in the UK. Watch this space!  – Sept. 2017

This is an extraordinary new type of pillow for 21st century tech (or sleep) addicts.  Indeed, it’s for anyone who would like to understand how they sleep and perhaps listen to a their favourite chill-out playlist at the same time. Until now, sleep-monitoring technology has relied upon people strapping sensors to their wrists or cuddling up with their smartphone right in front of their faces.   Now Kickstarter is supporting a new pillow that tracks all the vitals necessary to understand your sleep patterns as well as providing you with wireless speakers and a comfy place to put your head.
Movement sensors and a microphone built into the pillow monitor your sleep during the night and in the morning you’ll get a report sent to your smartphone on the quality of your snoozing.  If you snore too loudly, the pillow will even gently vibrate to lull you back to sleep after you’ve shifted your position.  The ‘intelligent wake’ function allows you to tell your smartphone what time you need to be up and the device will deduce your lightest stage of sleep around this time, in order apparently to ensure that you wake up feeling more well-rested and full of energy.
The idea of this new pillow is proving incredibly popular on Kickstarter, where the pillow’s crowdfunding campaign has raised more than £300k with more than 2,000  backers at time of writing.  The Zeeq Smart Tech pillow should be available to backers from December 2016 onwards.    I don’t think my husband is going to be able to resist…

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