Looking for Good Sleep Advice?

Baby sleeping pillow advisor

It’s been over a decade since we launched Pillow Advisor and over this time we have developed a sound knowledge of the benefits a good pillow can offer in ensuring a great night’s sleep. In the last couple years there have been many new retailers offering hybrid and customizable pillows and we continue to enjoy reviewing the innovative new pillows as they come to market. More snoring pillows though, please! We have become so passionate about sleep and committed to communicating what we’ve learnt, that we have decided to launch a sleep blog and here it is :

Good Sleep Advisor

Don’t panic, we are still looking for the best pillows but by bringing our professional sleep expert Nicky on board, and with the help of our Health & Medical writer, Jo, we decided to go back to our roots and look at other sleep related issues as well.

If you need any advice on sleep disorders or some pointers on sleep related products like natural sleep aids, baby and child sleep products or sleep gadgets and apps then take a look.

We believe in sharing the expertise of our team and a small network of health professionals with the aim of us all getting a better night’s sleep. Sleep Well!