The White Company Summer Sale – 30% off gorgeous bedding

The White Company Summer Bedding Sale

It’s not often we’ll post about a particular retailer – but The White Company’s summer sale is a corker.  There is a lot of gorgeous bedding on discounted right now.
They’ve got 4 of our all-time favourite pillows between 20% – 30% off at the moment and loads of lovely duvets on offer as well.   This means that if you can’t normally afford their stuff, you can now.

The Super-soft ultra washable pillow we gave 5 stars for example, is on for less than £10, and the Soft & Light Breathable pillow Charlie bought last week and has just posted her 4* review – is now at £16.

If you’re tempted by a down pillow or feather and down mix – they have significant money off.  The Canadian goose down is still a bit outside my budget but they have a lovely Siberian pure down pillow, or the best bargain pillow in my opinion and a personal favourite is the European Down pillow,  70% down so you won’t really notice the feather,  This down pillow is a brilliant bargain – £42 for a gorgeous quality natural pillow (30% off).

Oh and lovely, lovely tight-woven cotton, zip-close pillow protectors – 2 for £12.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop raving.  Just take a look for yourselves…