Royal Pillow Secrets – where to rest one’s tired head

Royal pillows_Prince_Harry_Meghan_Markle

With Markle-mania taking hold of the country, I thought it only fitting to post about the royals’ pillows this morning. 

Although I’m not privy to the secrets of the royal bedchamber,  I’d like to think that after the wedding Harry and Meghan will rest their heads on a couple of pure eiderdown pillows.  Made of course from the most sustainable Duchy of Cornwall organic eider-duck down, collected lovingly  by Prince’s Trust volunteers and hand-stitched with a Mulberry silk cover by a dozen ladies-in-waiting…
Failing that, a couple of John Lewis’s British Goose Down Pillows would do the trick for the royal couple. You can’t get a lot more patriotic than John Lewis + British Goose Down:  none of your ‘European’ down here, thank you very much.   We’ve reviewed them here and although not cheap, they’re just gorgeous and given that they’re about as good as you can get, you don’t actually need a budget like Meghan or Harry in order to afford one.
If you suffer from back or neck problems, you’re sorted for regal pillows too.  ‘Royal Rest’ makes a rather good foam neck / cervical contour pillow (similar to Tempur’s classic contoured pillow, but with a slightly deeper curve to support your neck) – it’s available from Amazon at £69.95.   Maybe that’s one for the Queen this weekend – I’m sure she’s got a bit of a headache with everything that’s been going on.
There’s some fun stuff out there too for any wannabe-princesses and princes.   Grab a great union jack cushion from Dunelm for only £14 – has great reviews.    Or go fully royalist and have a Victoria crest cushion or  a few Queen’s guards keeping watch over you as you sleep –  a fitting way to smarten up any British bedroom, or patriotic sofa.
I must admit to doing a bit of flag-waving for Kate and Wills’ wedding and more distantly Charles & Di, 1981; Andre & Fergie, 1986 –  RIP those romances)  but let’s hope I won’t be sobbing into my pillow with this one.

John Lewis royal union cushionJohn Lewis, Victoria Cushion.Queens Guard cushionJohn Lewis Queen’s Guard Cushion.

Dunelm vintage union jack cushionVintage Union jack cushion from Dunelm.