Nadines Coyle's perfect pillow

nicole's dreamgenii pillow

Handbags, shoes and statement necklaces are all things associated with celebrities the world over, and many women love to copy their favourite celebrity’s style. You hear of shops selling out of designer handbags, sought after shoes and copycat statement dresses all the time, but what about pillows?
When the Daily Mail reported that former Girl’s Aloud band member Nadine Coyle would go nowhere without her DreamGenii maternity support pillow, it’s no surprise that a horde of pregnant women immediately rushed (well, hobbled!) to get theirs. But what’s the attraction behind the pillow, and more importantly, do they work?
They’re not especially cheap, retailing at £45 for the full version, and £25 for the smaller, travel sized pillow, but you don’t have to have sold a million records to buy one!  Nadine obviously thinks they’re well worth splashing out on (and we’re actually with her there), as they promise to offer the holy grail for many women – a comfortable night’s sleep.
Of course, we doubt whether pregnancy pillows will make it onto the top 10 fashion must haves for 2015, but you never know… isn’t Kim Kardashian planning another baby?