The Baby Pillow That Creates Clean Air

brizi pillow prevent pollution fresh air for kids

An innovative dad has come up with an ingenious pillow solution to protect babies from the toxic fumes that come with modern, city living.
Yosi Romano was taking his two year old daughter for a stroll down the Finchley Road in North London when he realised that her buggy was just at the right level to be directly exposed to the fumes emanating from every passing vehicle. His lightbulb moment resulted in the Brizi (pronounced “breezy”), a pillow for prams and car seats that generates clean air around the child’s head.
Developed in conjunction with the industrial design company, Map Project Office, the product is essentially a battery operated fan and air filter encased in a pillow. Filtered air is generated from one side of the pillow to the other, creating a pocket of clean air for the baby to breathe in.
Does it sound a bit gimmicky? The kind of thing that would have a Dragon rolling its eyes? Well, it’s been proven to be effective. The Global Centre for Clean Air Research at the University of Surrey tested the pillow in London and found that it reduced pollution levels by up to 80%!
With a 24 hour battery and the filter only needing to be replaced once a month, we think that Yosi has come up with a product that every parent living in a big city will be grateful for.
The catch is that, when it goes on sale next summer, the ticket price is going to be in the region of £200 but what price can you put on your baby’s health?