The most comfortable pillows in the UK


Looking for the most comfortable pillow in the UK ?  The wide range and different types of pillow can be bewildering to the uninitiated pillow buyer.  It can be difficult to know which type of pillow to buy; which best suits the way I sleep? Which pillows get the best reviews? Should I be thinking of a pillow which offers support or is most comfortable ?
We’ve found that unsurprisingly, most people are put off by the high price or unusual materials of some of the more special pillows such as memory foam or latex and tend to settle for a standard pillow both in size and filling.
But which pillows are people most satisfied with? Which pillows get the best reviews and ratings? In order to find out which pillows get the best scores, we’ve compiled the average review scores of hundreds of pillows, each reviewed by many people.

What we have found:

  • Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation between price and pillow satisfaction; standard feather, down or hollowfibre pillows get better reviews than memory foam, and tend to be cheaper.
  • The improvement in user satisfaction between a £30 pillow and a £100 pillow is negligible and could possibly be explained by reviewers who are keen to justify the expense.
  • There is a strong link between cheap pillows and poor reviews; don’t be tempted by very low prices, expect to pay about £12 as a minimum for a good polyester fibre pillow, £30 for a memory foam pillow, and £40+ for a good down pillow.
  • All of the main pillow types and materials received good reviews and were rated highly, it is only individual poor examples which did badly and these can be found across all pillow types.

So, the big test, which types of pillow are people most happy with? Here are the pillow ratings by type (in descending order):
1. Down pillows
2. Latex pillows
3. Hollowfibre / Microfibre / Polyester pillows
4. Water pillows
5. Feather pillows
6. Microbead  pillows
7. Memory Foam pillows

Yes, down pillows take the top spot, with memory foam pillows bringing up the rear. Again, it’s worth pointing out that overall, all of these pillow types received good reviews, just that some types did even better than others.
To be honest, this didn’t surprise us much, we’ve got a soft spot for down pillows, take a look at our top 10 best pillows and you’ll notice a fair few in the top 10 list.

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