Snore Stop Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Not the softest pillow but supportive & worth a try to keep head in correct position.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Ross

The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association ( recommend trying an anti-allergenic pillow in their section on how to stop snoring .  A starting point would be one of the great microfibre pillows we have already reviewed such as the Micro-Fresh Anti Allergy Pillow from John Lewis – review here.


However, there are a number of pillows that seem to offer more for the snorer (or their long suffering partner) than just a lack of dust mites.  The first of these we have had a chance to review is   the Snore Stop pillow on sale through E-bay.  General reviews are split 50:50 between those for whom this worked, and those who found it no help at all.  In simple terms, it is a very firm pillow that is designed to keep your neck supported at the correct height and so reduce snoring.

So, if you are looking for a soft comfortable pillow, you are going to have  a very poor nights sleep, but if you do have a snoring problem, then it is definitely worth giving this a try as it should keep your head and neck in exactly the right position to keep your airways open.

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