M&S Goose Down Surround Pillow review

Marks-and-Spencer-Goose-Down-Surround-Pillow-review Not currently available
£35 at Marks and Spencer
Final Thoughts

One of the cooler pillows available - supportive & natural but use a pillow protector too.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: PABarney

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – check out the 5* The White Company Hungarian Goose Down Support Pillow instead.  Pillow Advisor reviewers thought it was ‘Simply Stunning’!

A question from one of our readers plus the current spell of warm weather has made me look at some of the cooler pillow options on the market at the moment.

Marks and Spencer claim that their Goose Down Surround Pillow  keeps ‘you cool during the warmer summer months’. Well, does it?

It’s a medium pillow so good for front or back sleepers with a 100% cotton quilted cover. The outer layer of the pillow itself is goose down with a goose feather inner core. This provides a nice compromise if you can’t afford an all-down pillow although won’t help you if you’re an allergy-sufferer.

I liked this pillow – it’s full and soft and doesn’t squash down as much as some of the cheapest feather and down pillows. It may be a little too supportive for some front / back sleepers as it is on the firmer side of medium, but that is counter-balanced by the fact that it retains its fullness and softness. Its natural fibre outer didn’t give me a synthetic-sweat and so yes, ‘cool comfort’ was achieved (at least in the head area!)

Downsides are that on opening the pack it had a bit of an off-putting smell but assume it was the packaging or storage, as after airing it for a couple of hours it was fine.  Occasionally you can feel the feather quills, but if you use a pillow protector as I like to do to keep the pillow fresh, it’s fine.

Ultimately, £35 for a feather / down and cotton pillow is a good price. It’s not luxury and may not stand the test of time as other better quality pillows may do but it’s a decent pillow for a reasonable price.

Not currently available