The White Company Hungarian Goose Down Support Pillow review

The White Company Hungarian Goose Down Support Pillow review Buy it here
Final Thoughts

A simply stunning pillow, at a reasonable price. Well worth 5 stars!

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Susannah

OK, so whatever we say about how good a microfibre or feather pillow is, there is honestly little to compare to a really high quality down pillow.  The lightness is almost shocking, and the softness is really unparalleled.  The Hungarian goose down pillow from The White Company is a bit of luxury  – it comes highly recommended, and is supposed to be their founder’s favourite pillow of all their range.  Quite apart from the fact that simply coming from the White Company seems to imbue it with enhanced powers of relaxation.

This lovely down pillow hugs your head as you lie down giving a wonderful feeling of comfort and springs back to life almost instantly. This is one of the great features of down pillows and being a natural filling they are pretty durable and don’t clump.

Good news if you are an allergy sufferer, I didn’t see any traces of down popping out of the cover, not even fine dander. I can be allergic to feathers but didn’t have any problems with this pillow at all – probably because the feathers are washed and treated properly – none of your cheap shortcuts here 🙂

So for a  special occasion, or when you really need a treat, then these are simply some of the best down pillows I have come across and have no hesitation in giving them a five star rating.

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