John Lewis Baby Wool Pillow review

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£24 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

A very good value and quality wool pillow - just use a pillow protector as you can't wash it.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susie

DECEMBER 2020  :  Unfortunately, this pillow is no longer available.  If you are looking for a good quality, natural pillow for your child, try the John Lewis & Partners Wool Filled Cotton Junior Pillow, for £19.20 it’s good value, just be careful when washing it.  

A wool pillow is the best choice for toddlers and small children in our opinion – it’s environmentally friendly, a good weight, and most importantly a natural material for your little one to rest on all night.  Wool also absorbs moisture so your child isn’t lying in a sweaty patch on their pillow and it has very significant temperature regulation properties.  Keeping small children from over-heating in bed is important from a safety point of view, as well as giving the toddler – and therefore Mums and Dads too – a better night’s sleep.  

Naturally heavier, and firmer than a polyester/microfibre pillows, a wool pillow stays where you put it and doesn’t end up half way down the cotbed. They’re also often flatter which is good for little ones who mainly sleep on their tummies or sides.

Having said all that, there aren’t many wool pillows on the market.  Perhaps because they’re not the ‘go to’ choice for most adults.  For kids, though they’re great.  The only downside for me is that you can’t wash them, so surface-clean it quickly if there’s an accident, or use a 100% cotton pillow protector as well as a pillowcase for an extra layer of protection.  Tip: Don’t use a waterproof protector as its synthetic fibres will stop all those lovely breathable benefits of your natural wool and cotton.

The Baby Wool Pillow by John Lewis (own brand) is a good wool pillow.  It’s £24, so well-positioned at the more reasonable end of the market.   It’s definitely firmer and heavier than you may be used to and is stiff at first.  The wool is dense and does have a bit of a ‘sheepy’ smell to start with!  I suppose I should expect this from pure wool – but maybe leave it out of the packaging to air for a few hours before use.   The cotton cover is lovely quality and is finished beautifully, with good seams and beading, showing strong attention to detail.

Overall, if you can cope with not washing it, and air it first, it’s a very good value and quality choice for a wool pillow.

At the time of review, this product had low stock.  A good alternative would be the  Little Green sheep organic baby Wool pillow  also from John Lewis at £35.  This is a new product in to John Lewis which unfortunately also shouldn’t be washed.

If you want washable and don’t mind having a duvet too, take a look at Fogarty’s Little Sleepers Wool Cot Bed Duvet and Pillow Set – £45 for both and excellent value.  Read review here.

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