Kally Sleep Kids Body Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Comfy, cuddly with a nice jersey cotton cover design. A pillow that feels like a kids comforter - for ages 3yrs+

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

We had the usual fight when the Kally Sleep kids body pillow arrived, who was going to try it first – our 12 year old son or 10 year old daughter…..  May be I should have ordered the more girly rainbow cover and so the decision would have been made but I couldn’t bear the ‘it’s not fair’, so I opted for the unisex cloud surfing kids body pillow from Kally Sleep and let them fight over it.  Despite all the tugging, it’s still in one piece (very robust!) and they have taken turns so I have 2 lots of feedback in this review.

I hadn’t come across body pillows until recently when a colleague told me she had tried one and absolutely loved it.  They are shaped like a pregnancy pillow – longer and narrower than a standard pillow so you can wrap yourself around them.  This Kally Sleep children’s pillow is made of hollowfibre and is  hypoallergenic and breathable so perfect for allergy sufferers.  It comes with your choice of 1 of 3, well made, jersey cotton covers and they all look really cute.  We went for the white clouds on a grey background so either child could use it but there are also

‘Over the rainbow on pale blue’ and ‘Moon & Back on navy’ designs.

The cover fits snuggly over the pillow and is easiest to put on and button up.  Both cover and pillow are machine washable which is essential for young children.

‘Really cuddly and comfy’  was my daughter’s feedback.  ‘I like it – it’s bouncy’ said my pre-teen son.  I am particularly keen to see how he gets on with this pillow,  as we have recently been told he has mild scoliosis and Kally Sleep state that this pillow has been ergonomically designed to improve sleep posture.  It certainly feels plump and supportive so I am hopeful it will help him.

Perfect for sick days on the sofa too – of which we have had far too many recently – this body pillow is also great for young side sleepers or children who suffer from sleeplessness as it is like a giant bedtime comforter.  Our 2 both love it and we are now looking to get another one.  If you do have a roomy vehicle, you could roll this body pillow up and take it with when camping to provide extra comfort and support for your child.

5% of every purchase of this kids pillow is donated to the Children’s Sleep Charity who provide support and care for children suffering with sleep problems, and their families who suffer alongside them.

Comfy, cuddly with a nice cover design, I highly recommend these pillows for children over 4 years.  It’s a bit different but I’m confident that most kids will love them, just like mine have.

Pillow size:  130cm x 30cm  Weight: 1.4kg.

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