Fogarty Little Sleepers Wool All Seasons Cot Bed Duvet and Pillow Set review

Fogarty Little Sleepers Wool Cot bed Duvet and Pillow Set review Buy it here
£45 at Dunelm
Final Thoughts

Natural, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating - a brilliant all seasons duvet & pillow for a toddler.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

A brilliant buy for children: natural + wool + washable + value. We loved it!

This excellent value Duvet and Pillow set sold at Dunelm makes perfect sense for a toddler moving in to their cot bed. (recommended 12 months +).  The environmentally friendly duvet and pillow are entirely natural products both offering a 100% wool filling with a 100% cotton cover. I know one of our biggest fears for our children when they were little was the potential of overheating at night time and wool seems an obvious choice for a kids bedding as it offers temperature regulating properties, as well as absorbing more moisture that many other bedding materials do. Of course, if your child is less sweaty and hot at night, they should sleep better too!

Wool is also naturally dust mite resistant and so a good option for allergy sufferers. You may be surprised to see a low tog duvet (4.5 tog) duvet recommended for All seasons but again this is due to the wool’s properties which enables your child to be cosy and warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. As it is a low tog it is lightweight which enables toddlers and wrigglers to kick it off without getting tangled and waking up. The pillow might not offer the bounce and fluffiness you would experience from a synthetic or down pillow but it is supportive and cool.

Both the duvet and pillow are machine washable and the label even says they can be tumble dried on a low heat. I haven’t tried this yet and I must say I am slightly apprehensive as I have been known to shrink the odd wool jumper!

There’s even a video here which explains the benefits of wool and how it works to keep you warm and cool at night.   Love it, Dunelm / Fogarty.   In our opinion this combo set is the best bedding for little children you can get – yes,  it’s on our ‘best list’!

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