The White Company White Lavender Pillow Mist review

The White Company White Lavender Pillow Mist review Buy it here
Final Thoughts

A modern and fresh scent which will be a welcome addition to any bedroom.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

With their wonderful range of delightful diffusers, room sprays and candles, it is no surprise to find an equally delightful and popular pillow mist at The White Company.  Presented in their classic style, this is a lovely gift and has been a welcome addition to my bedside table.  The scent is a fresh, quite strong lavender but feels modern with hints of lemon and herbs rather than an old fashioned lavender soap.  

I’m not sure whether it really helps me fall asleep but it is lovely drifting off to the glorious smell of fresh lavender.  As well as a squirt on my pillow, this doubles up as a room spray and my whole bedroom has is more fragrant as a result.  It does feel a little extravagant having a pillow spray but I love it!   

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