Theraline Baby Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Not the softest material but designed with airflow and ideal head position in mind- definitely worth a try if you're worried.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I read about this pillow with interest as my ‘almost’ teenage son did develop quite a flat head when he was a baby.  At that time, the advice was to avoid using pillows for babies, however feedback for this pillow is generally positive and some parents have even said this pillow helped ‘immensely’ in ensuring their baby developed a ‘round head’.  As well as changes to their child’s head shape, additional benefits are that it is small, breathable and washable.  Others did feel, however, that it was expensive and not great value for money.

Of course, for this pillow, it’s not possible to receive feedback from the actual end user – if only babies could tell us what they’re feeling, parenthood would be a lot easier!   So  I took a good look at this product myself.    It is very small, not a chance of me fitting my head on it and made of fabric that felt like an exfoliating shower puff but not so scratchy. Very starchy and stiff.  I felt that it would benefit from a softer cover, however the manufacturer, Theraline, has claimed that It doesn’t come with a cover which could compromise breathability, but allows air to pass easily through, so that if baby rolls over or presses their face into the pillow, they can still breathe freely. It also ensures that an even temperature is maintained at all times around baby’s head.”

Will a baby mind the texture? Possibly not.  It is unlikely they are as particular as us when it comes to pillows!  


Theraline baby pillow supports head and increases airflow

At the time of review, many health professionals recommend against the use of pillows in children under the age of one.  However, this isn’t a pillow in the traditional sense but a head support and comes with lots of professional endorsements.   It looks like potentially a good solution, but of course chat with your Health visitor if you do have concerns about flat head syndrome.


Perforated high tech fabric

Dimensions H21 x L20 x D3cm

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