The Slumber Pillow

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Final Thoughts

A basic concept but seems to work for many sufferers of knee and back pain. Worth a try!

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I bought this knee pillow for my mother who often suffers from sciatica and knee pain having been a dancer in her younger years.  At particularly difficult times, she struggles to sleep and move around due to the pain.

The Slumbar pillow is a knee pillow which has been designed to relieve lower back, knee, hip and joint pain, sciatica and pregnancy discomfort.  It is ideal for side sleepers.  It is made from contour memory foam and feels good quality. 

My mum has found the pillow really helpful. By keeping her pelvis straight in bed, she feels it has relieved the pain in her back.  The only negative she felt was the lack of a strap to attach it to your leg so you didn’t have to re-position the pillow when you moved.  For £21.99 (at time of writing), we would recommend giving this pillow a try. 

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