The Kally Body Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

The best body pillow we’ve tested without question. Osteopath-designed and excellent quality, its softness moulds around you for support.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Susie

Last night I slept with someone else.   And my husband knew about it. He was even in the bed with us.  He didn’t mind at first, but after a while he began to feel a bit neglected.  The problem is, I think I want to do it again.

That ‘someone else’ was a 4ft long, grey body pillow made by ‘Kally Sleep’.   Now I don’t usually say I sleep with a pillow but this was a fully interactive experience.  Cuddling up to that pillow and wrapping it around me – as you’re supposed to do I add – felt like I kind of didn’t need anyone else in bed with me.  I was comforted, supported, warm and I didn’t even have to make conversation.

Kally says their pillow has been created by ‘Harley Street Osteopaths and Sleep Doctors’ to transform the way we engage with our pillows during sleep.  I can see their point – this absolutely felt like an ‘engagement’ – it was not your average pillow-experience in any way.

So what are the basics?

Well,  it’s about 4ft long, filled with hollowfibre and covered with a tasteful grey,  zip-off cover.  It’s straight, but bendy – basically like a flexible sausage and last night I put it under my head and it then stretched along my body with the end resting between my knees.
It felt good to lie on and my knees were then hip distance apart which is supposed to be the best thing so no strain is put on the joints;  especially advisable in pregnancy and for those with arthritis or back / hip problems according to The University of Rochester and
The filling feels good quality – it’s plump and substantial but still moulds around your head or legs.   The cover fits neatly around the pillow and the brushed jersey cotton is soft on your skin. With cover and pillow fully washable and hypoallergenic, it basically ticks all the boxes.
It comes in 4 different colour choices!

So what are the drawbacks?

It’s slightly more expensive than a standard body pillow, but at £49.99 and free delivery  – it’s actually fantastic value. You can feel the quality from the packaging (pillow was rolled and tied with a posh white ribbon in a box when it arrived) through to the cover and the plentiful hollowfibre filling material.
Given that it was one of the hottest nights of the year last night, it was quite a ‘warm’ experience although the cotton cover helps.  You may find yourself kicking it out of bed if its embracing warmth proves too much in high summer.
Your partner will get very jealous.
Beyond that – it’s far and away the best body pillow we’ve come across.  Very good for maternity use too – the only negative here would be that compared to the Dreamgenii pillow we tested, you’d have to move the Kally pillow to the other side of your bump if you turned over in bed.

Essentially – an excellent pillow and a very good ‘sleep solution’ for any side or front sleepers, especially if you could do with extra support, or just a little extra cuddle at bedtime.


Kally Body Pillow Rolled

Kally Body Pillow Rolled




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