Soak & Sleep Re:Down Recycled Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Go Green! One of our favourite's from the Re:Down Recycled range.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

As a family, i’d like to think we are becoming more environmentally aware and recycling has become part of our daily life.  Whether it be plastics, paper, clothes, furniture, we try to find the best possible new home for items we no longer need.  So I was excited to see Soak & Sleep now offer a range of bedding made of recycled materials.  Pillows and duvets made from recycled feather and down fillings or hollow fibre are offered at reasonable prices and in our experience, excellent quality.

When the Re:Down Recycled Pillow arrived, I had a sudden moment of panic – where did the filling come from that I was going to lie on ?!  I must admit, although it is probably pretty obvious, I did contact Soak & Sleep just to double check and I was reassured that the fillings do come from old products but they are then thoroughly cleaned without chemicals at very high temperatures to offer SUPERCLEAN fill and are covered with a 100% cotton cover (not recycled, I believe).  The Re:Down pillow is filled with 85% recycled feather and 15% recycled down.  It is an off white colour, which is very slightly off-putting but it is very well made with neat stitching and feels good quality. It is a soft, sink in to kind of pillow which is recommended for front and back sleepers but as a side sleeper, I am very happy with it and just pop another pillow underneath to prop me up a bit.

At £50 RRP, this is quite pricey for a feather and down pillow but Soak & Sleep offer great sales, so look out and you could grab this pillow for a bargain price.  Personally, I am happy to pay a little more given the environmental benefits the product offers.

This is one of my favourite pillows for many reasons – it’s extremely comfortable; it is helping reduce the amount of waste going to landfill; fewer birds need to be reared for these products and at the time of writing it was available at 30% off *!  To see the full range of Soak & Sleep recycled products, click here.


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