REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Seriously expensive but if you are looking for bounce, this is the pillow for you! Robust and springy. Good for a side sleeper.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susannah

I haven’t slept with a fibre pillow for a while and so I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on with a change to the REM-Fit Hybrid pillow from my old memory foam one but so far so good.  The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing this pillow is that it is really bouncy! Although, you can’t actually feel the pocket coiled springs inside, it is certainly springy.  As well as offering superior bounce, the springs in the pillow also enable the pillow to breathe and provides a cooler sleep temperature.

A well made, plain white pillow, on first sight there is nothing particularly ‘Wow’ about the appearance of this hybrid pillow but it feels well made and durable.  It is stuffed full of a microfibre filling which spreads right out to all 4 corners of the 100% cotton cover. So confident are REM-Fit that this pillow will last, they offer a 5 year guarantee.  This is pretty impressive for a synthetic pillow as in my experience this type of pillow is most likely to lose shape quickly. Despite it’s plumpness, the hybrid pillow does fit into a standard pillow case or pillow protector.  I am a side sleeper and found the pillow comfortable but as it is so full, I am not sure it would suit someone who slept on their front.

Awarded by ERGOCERT, an international ergonomics certification for neck and spinal alignment, The REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow offers good head and neck support.

At £79 though, this is one of the most expensive pillows we’ve reviewed, especially for a synthetic pillow.  However with the 5 year guarantee, at least you know it should be a good long term investment.

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