Puimentiua Lap Holder – iPad and Tablet Pillow Review

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Final Thoughts

A cheap but useful ipad holder / pillow.

Overall Score 3.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I received this ipad pillow / stand for Christmas and to be honest I did wonder what an earth it was at first!  Vacuum packed, it didn’t look too exciting. I have therefore been pleasantly surprised, as it is quite useful.  Once out of the packet, this foam creation popped in to shape and makes a good ipad stand that sits comfortably on your lap.  It is light enough to rest on my legs, when I am sitting on the sofa, applying very little pressure and holding my ipad in place perfectly.  It certainly won’t win any awards for most attractive home accessory – well, not the turquoise one anyway – but it does come in 7 colours so may be a black or grey would look a bit better.  My daughter actually offered to make me a new cover using her new christmas present – a sewing machine!  The design is, although basic, generally good, with a little pocket for your phone on one side and a handle on the other to carry the pillow.  It just all feels a bit cheap due to the basic materials used.

In summary, I think this is a useful item for all tablets and phones not just ipads.  It is well designed, it just doesn’t win any merits in the style stakes.  I have noticed a few other similar products for slightly more money that look a bit better quality and more stylish (see the JML Pill-O-Pad). An everyday item rather than a luxury gift.  As well as using it in the evenings when I update my weekly Ocado order, I am thinking it may work quite well for one of the children when they go back to home schooling in January as we are short of desk space when everyone is ‘working from home’.

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