Panda Bamboo Silk Eye Mask Review

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Final Thoughts

A soft, luxurious eye mask - made from natural materials.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Mark

After a long plane journey a few years ago, we noticed that my daughter (now 10 years old) slept better with an eye mask.  She won’t go to bed without one now and she absolutely loves her panda memory foam pillow, so we decided to buy her a fancy new eye mask from Panda for her birthday.  This is definitely the most luxurious eye mask she has had.  We usually buy cheap gimmicky ones from Claire’s accessories due to her age but this is a good quality, soft eye mask.

The outer material is made of sustainable bamboo which makes it so soft to touch.  The mask is then filled with mulberry silk.  We opted for the white mask which says it offer 80% black out and works for her but you can also buy this eye mask in grey which is said to offer 100% black out.  Gone are the reindeer and burger eyes we have previously woken up to, she loves this eye mask and it is so much more sophisticated.  At £17.99, it’s not cheap but not extortionate either and when we bought it Panda were offering 15% off.

It comes in a neat box giving plenty of info about the product and so it is perfect as a gift.  Due to the natural materials used, this eye mask is especially good for allergy sufferers and although only tested on a 10 year old, is also says in the literature that it contains sericin which has anti-ageing qualities.

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