The Nanu Perfect Pillow Review

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Final Thoughts

We love the idea of this design your own pillow. If you are looking for a synthetic, anti-allergy pillow, why not give it a try?

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlie

The Nanu concept is a refreshing change to the ‘one pillow suits all’ approach we are seeing from many suppliers.  Nanu customise the pillow just for you.  They offer a hollow fibre pillow with anti-allergy properties which can be tailored to your needs. When making the pillow they consider how you sleep – on your front, back or side; what level of support you like on a scale from super soft to super firm;  your height and your weight.  I think this is a great idea as we all look for different qualities in a pillow and I was excited to try my perfect pillow from Nanu when it arrived!   The order process is straightforward, just a few questions to answer and my ‘perfect’ pillow arrived within a couple of days, nicely packaged in a branded cardboard box (made from recyclable materials).

I ordered a firm pillow as at the time of ordering I was struggling with inflammation in my back.  I would normally opt for a medium / soft pillow so it did take a few days to get used to but I am very happy with my pillow now and I think it was definitely the right choice at the time.  It is a great quality pillow, well stuffed and neatly finished in a cotton cover with Nanu branded piping.  It isn’t really soft but to be honest when you are going to put a pillow case over it, does it need to be? I am hopeful that this pillow will last sometime, as are Nanu, who offer a 2 year guarantee.  At £30 it is not cheap for a synthetic pillow but in my opinion it is worth the price.  I also like the idea that the pillow is made from recycled plastic bottles – each nanu pillow stops 17 plastic bottles going to landfill according to their website!

The construction of the pillow involves rolled clusters of polyester fibre as filling which I am reliably informed means that it can be washed in a regular washing machine with no distortion of the shape. I think this makes it a good choice for all of the family.

It can be so hard to find the perfect pillow and if you like a synthetic pillow, this could be the ‘perfect’ one for you. If you aren’t happy with your pillow, it can be returned within 7 days and any returned pillows are donated to the homeless.

A top buy!  I like the pillow and Nanu’s ethos and approach.  I can’t wait to try the recently launched Nanu ‘hot & not’ Duvet!


Update Nov, 2019:  Read our 5* review of the Nanu Hot&Not Duvet at 
You can choose your own tog ratings on each side of the duvet, allowing each partner to have the warmth level they want.

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