M&S Luxury White Duck Down Pillow review

M&S Luxury Duck Down Pillow review Not currently available
£39.50 at Marks and Spencer
Final Thoughts

A soft and cosy duck down pillow but watch out for the feathers!

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: PABarney

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE:  Take a look at the Fogarty Duck Down Pillow it is a great alternative at a similar price.

Duck down is used for pillows because it is an extremely soft product which, in this instance, makes for an extremely soft and cosy pillow. The duck down used is Class 1 so it’s the kind of high quality product you’d expect from Marks and Spencer.

However, one thing any review has to mention about this pillow is that it is not 100% filled with duck down. There is in fact 15% duck feather in the outer filling and the centre filling is exclusively duck feather. Personally, I thought the duck down did its job and I couldn’t feel the hardness and crunch that can be associated with feather pillows but, buyer beware, the feathers are in there so if you want 100% duck down look elsewhere!

It’s certainly a well presented pillow with a lovely, soft cotton cover and neat stitching and it comes in a zip locked carry case so should be in mint condition for first use.

When compared to the similarly priced goose down pillow from the same retailer, this one doesn’t bounce back into shape quite as quickly but that’s only a minor criticism as I’d rate it higher overall.

If you’re after a pillow that incorporates duck down then this is an option I’d recommend. OK, it’s perhaps a bit of a stretch to tag it as “luxury” but there are more expensive examples out there that don’t match up to this one.


No longer available at Marks & Spencer  – see the Duck Feather and Down Pillow instead. 

Not currently available