Kally Sleep Travel Pillow Review

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Final Thoughts

A well made memory foam travel pillow / neck support

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte


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The Kally Sleep travel pillow is quite different to other travel pillows on the market.  It looks like a neck support or solid neck scarf.   We all (family of 4) gave this one a try on a recent return flight to/from Greece and our thoughts were mixed.  This one seems to be a bit like ‘marmite’.  We all agreed it is a well made, solid pillow and our first impressions were all good.  However, it took some getting used to.  With a bit of moving around, my son and I found it comfy with good padding and it was easy to adjust to fit around our neck.  Unfortunately, we did not have the benefit of a reclining seat but for my son particularly, who had the window seat, the pillow was effective and his head and neck felt well supported.  He has also used it since we’ve been home as he had neck ache from a recent theme park whiplash injury!  My daughter’s experience was quite different though as she kept getting her hair caught in the velcro and she just couldn’t get comfortable.  I do wonder if at 11 yrs, she is just too small for the pillow and we should stick to travelling with her kids pillow (a smaller version of a standard shaped pillow) for a few more years.  My husband sleeps on every flight regardless of a travel pillow. He did try the Kally travel pillow briefly but wasn’t sure about the feeling of it being wrapped around his neck.

It is an interesting design. The inner cushion is made of polycotton and has a 100% cotton grey colour cover, which feels like a good quality t-shirt. It feels durable and rolls up easily to go in to the handy bag it comes with.  It is a bit bulky to squeeze in to a hand bag though unlike some of the cheaper blow up travel pillows you can buy.   This pillow and cover can both be washed in the machine at 40°C and the laid out to dry naturally on a flat surface.  I haven’t tried this yet but I think it is a useful feature.

At the time of writing this review, you can receive £5 off the Kally 3D eye mask when you buy this travel pillow.  We haven’t tried an eye mask but it looks pretty good!  If you are looking for a well made, durable travel pillow, this may be for you.  Not unanimously popular, like Kally Sleep’s body pillow, in our house but not bad either!

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